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Alexa and the evolution of its skills

amazon alexa skills

Florencia Robles

Project Manager, Econocom P&S México - Head of Voice Apps

The evolution of Alexa Skills

Technology is constantly evolving and Amazon’s Alexa is aware of this. Voice assistants are integrated into billions of devices and users interact with it billions of times on a weekly basis.

In 2016 there was a record of only 135 skills (only in Alexa), while by the end of 2020 more than 750 thousand were reported on that platform, a figure that has doubled in Italy, Brazil and Spain.

According to a study by Ipsos Developers Consume Survey, half of consumers and two-thirds of developers believe that in 10 years people, or the vast majority, will interact with technology and business through voice.

But do you really know what skills are and what they are for? We make it easy for you!

Florencia Robles, Project Manager at Econocom P&S Mexico and leader of voice apps explains that a skill is an element that allows interaction in a natural and dynamic way with a voice system, either to acquire a service or to execute a specific task. Its functionality, he says, is simple, because you only need an intelligent voice device (echo) where you make a service or product request to interact, but with the advantage that the interaction is natural, the process is easy and you simplify the use of services.

How do we develop our skills? this is how we do it!

First we must define the service proposal and determine the scope, objectives and functions that the customer requires, then we validate the service where the skill will be performed (Alexa or Google Assistant), once this is defined we start the creation of the dialogue map, which will allow us to know and improve the situations that the user may face when using the skill.

Afterwards, internal tests are carried out and then transferred to the client in order to refine the tool, make comments and approve the project to finally be published in digital stores.

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