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New features launched in Telcel Academy

Telcel Academy App
Telcel Academy App


Project Manager, Econocomdigital México - Telcel Academy Project Leader

The new version of Telcel Academy arrived in the digital stores with three new features that promise to be of great support for the training of Telcel employees

On this occasion Econocomdigital México worked on the inclusion of Videos, Podcasts and Articles in the mobile application, which function as complementary material for the courses and evaluations that distributors have access to in order to improve their customer serv

As with other materials already available, the articles can also be downloaded in PDF format and viewed at a later date even without an Internet connection.

On the other hand, the dynamism of the application continues to be a plus, as the user experience remains friendly and easy to navigate to find all the information quickly and easily.

The new version of Academia Telcel is available in the Play Store and App Store

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