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New updates to Radiópolis skills

Radiopolis 2

Econocom Products & Solutions

In order to improve the user experience, Econocom Products & Solutions Mexico made new updates to the skills of the radio stations belonging to Radiópolis

New possibilities and ways of radio consumption

Radio stations have been able to adapt to this new era by incorporating new consumption formulas adapted to the digital medium. Undoubtedly, this new way in which we listen to the radio, have made the voice assistant one of the most used to listen to your favorite station. 

Radiópolis in continuous evolution

Access your favorite station wherever you are. Currently, Radiópolis users have the possibility of listening to W Radio, Los 40 and Ke Buena through a single invocation and not through a menu of options as they did before.

This adaptation now resembles listening to your favorite station through a radio, but without the need to have a device.

To perform any action other than listening to the radio station, users will only have to make the desired invocation as they did before.


Radiopolis APL update

The APL was updated to improve the quality of the graphics displayed on echo devices that have a screen, in order to prevent images from being compromised in skills that do not meet the requirement.

With APL the user can benefit from using an interaction with the skill not only with voice but also with the screen.

All improvements are available on Alexa

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