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transforms urban mobility
with one click

usability and design, increased preference and recommendation.

Spain is the country with the highest penetration of mobile phones in the world, with 93.4%. This means that Spanish users already prefer to use their mobile phones for the vast majority of the tasks they carry out every day.

The ease of reserving and accessing a car when and where we need it with the app makes Madrid drivers increasingly use the carsharing service for their journeys. WiBLE, the successful carsharing company


Econocom Gigigo understands the needs of a digital business such as Carsharing WiBLE. Providing technological knowledge and betting on usability as the key to turning your app into a great success. 

the user
at the center

You can reserve a car, pay, open and close vehicles, know all the details of your driving on each trip: braking, speed, acceleration … we place the user at the center of the experience.

+ design
+ business

To date, WiBLE has the broadest application in the portfolio of services offered in the App, usability and design. This transferred to business, means more loyal customers, increased preference and recommendation.


since its launch & 130.000 active users in average

#1 position

in iOS and Android stores, permanently for 5 months

15% purchase tickets

vs. the Club Vips total tickets used in the POS