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The voice!
The key to free and safe driving

ALEATICA is a new breed of transportation company. Its fit-for-purpose structure as a pure operator of transportation assets allows it to focus exclusively on conceptualizing and operating roads and other transportation assets in Spain and Latin America.

digital products


The three products created by Econocom Gigigo make users aware of the services they can automatically count on when traveling on their roads.

project goals

what really matters

Aleatica needed to create communication channels with its users, to offer a wide coverage of services and promote safe mobility on its highways with real-time information. To achieve this, our approach was to create a solution that would meet 100% of the users’ needs and fulfill their business aims.


achieve the goal

Achieving this project meant a change in the paradigm of projects previously done by the Econocom Gigigo development team. The main challenge in the application and chatbot was the technical part, which involved hard work of research, calculations, consultations and implementation of new systems that currently allow the user to contact immediately with a road support.

the solution

Aleatica in one step

The mobile application, like the Amazon Alexa skill, functions as a road assistant to which users can turn when traveling on any of the five road sections that are part of the ALEATICA group.

mobile app

Offering road support, an easy and quick way to generate invoices within the application, providing information on TAG’s and receiving immediate response to doubts, are the solutions offered by the products created for ALEATICA, a project whose main differentiator is its simple usability and intuitive functionalities, in addition to listening first-hand to the needs of users and making updates based on such requests.

NodeJs, Angular, Android (Kotlin) and IOS (Swift) were used for the development of the mobile application.

Alexa skill

The Alexa skill was the first to consume a web service from a REST API, a situation that meant a challenge for its creation, as this situation led to the implementation of authentication functionalities to obtain data from the roads, incident information, telephones and booths.

The skill seeks to support route calculations, depending on the selected road, road support in case of emergencies and help in case of minor incidents. 

The skill used the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) with the Amazon Developer Console, as well as JavaScript language, AWS Lambda, the APL, which includes all the visual aspects that are presented in cell phones, the Alexa application or the Amazon Echo. 


The chatbot of the same name, based on the FAQ, allows users to know what they can do in the application and how to perform tasks such as requesting road assistance, billing, highway costs, among others.

It serves as a support for possible doubts about the services offered, road assistance or functionalities of the application.

DialogFlow was used in the chatbot as a natural language interpreter.


ready to use

the solution in your hands

If you live in Mexico, you can try each digital product develop and maybe do your life easer.