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El Chavo del 8

first version in Spanish and Portuguese
of the voice app exclusively for
Google Assistant

who is
el Chavo del ocho?

If we talk about a character that has achieved a great emotional connection with his audience and has allowed him to be in force for 50 years, that is “El Chavo del ocho”

The Mexican comedy television series created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños became a popular consumer product in Latin America. Su personaje “El Chavo”, reflejaba la situación de millones de familias dentro de una vecindad, sus temáticas permitían a sus fans una gran apropiación cultural, viéndose reflejados en las aventuras de sus personajes.

The Chespirito Group is responsible for preserving and bringing the legacy of Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” to new generations, and is also responsible for developing new projects and initiatives to generate new content for Chespirito fans of all ages and from all over the world.

universality of

Remaining in the collective memory is one of the brand’s main objectives. Econocom P&S Digital has developed the new function of the Google Assistant the Chavo de ocho in its Portuguese version, with content designed by Grupo Chespirito.

This interactive game, based on the hit TV series, is aimed at children between the ages of six and twelve. In it, they will test their knowledge through riddles and riddles, stories and phrases to complete. 

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Working on the Portuguese version represented a great challenge for the team, which focused on two fundamental points:

  • Not losing the audience’s identity with the characters was our main challenge, while maintaining at all times the sense of the Mexican colloquial phrases and sayings used in the series.
  •  To achieve this, we worked with native speakers, explaining to them how the action works so that they could provide the Brazilian slang and translate the phrases from the TV series without losing the original meaning.

solution +

It is an entertainment voice app that seeks to interact by voice through various devices without necessarily having visual support. 

Previously, the voice assistant only had the option to complete the phrases made famous in the television series“El Chavo del 8”, however, at present, you can play both Spanish and Portuguese riddles and listen to stories in the voice of the program’s characters.

The growth of action has been exponential, it is no longer just a voice app that you see in a single country, but can be consumed in other countries, and as more languages are added, its distribution will be even greater. 

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top 5 in Latin America

exclusive for Google Assistant

+5 mil users