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a new intuitive, agile and fast navigation experience

we develop technological solutions to facilitate and improve the user's experience

Repsol Vivit is the new application of Repsol de Tu Oficina Online Luz y Gas, through the new Customer Area you can make all the arrangements and queries of your electricity and gas contracts you need, quickly and easily.

Aware of the permanent evolution and in response to the needs and expectations of users, we work in the search for agile functionalities of use at the service level, with the purpose of : “Making life easier for users”

the goal

To achieve the goal, we developed a way of execution with a multi-agency team.

In which integrating ourselves as a Native Development layer (iOS & Android) both within the MVP and evolving the Roadmap of the service and helping in the multiple integrations and new functionalities.

agile & robust

The apps have been developed using Swift on iOS and Kotlin on Android, both being the current reference native languages, designed to get the most out of the different operating systems and ensuring a quality native user experience.

Following the most current style guides, tools, patterns, and architecture that have resulted in an agile, robust, maintainable and scalable code base.


  • Android: Econocom Gigigo
  • iOS: Econocom Gigigo
  • QA: Repsol –  Econocom Gigigo
Econocom Gigigo provides knowledge and understanding of the business, quality of the developments and support after start-up. “For Repsol it is a technology partner and not a supplier”
Alfredo Sánchez
Global Mobility Manager