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how to improve the experience of consumers with recruitment and loyalty

unique solutions to improve
the customer experience

The priority for Club VIPS was to transform its traditional and successful loyalty program by providing added value from a completely digital point of view. Thus improving the customer experience.


Club VIPS joined the era of mobility and put an innovative tool within the restaurant sector and loyalty programs, an App free and multi-brand that already has more than 1 million downloads.

how to win the millennial public?​

Grupo VIPS wanted to increase the presence of its brand to a younger audience

Club VIPS was born in 1996, a revolutionary loyalty program in our country.

In 2015, the launch of the app version brings together a generation with a habit of mobile consumption, providing added value to the loyalty plan, giving the app a lot of functionality such as:

  • Promotions
  • Payment gateway
  • Bookings
  • Orders
  • Invoice record

of the app

digital membership card

Plastic will no longer be necessary.
Promotions are available in the same section of the app. No more paper.

EuroVIPS repository

Grupo Vips virtual money and balance of all purchases. Digital wallet that allows consumers to top up their balance and that of other users.

new restaurant features

Geolocation of restaurants / shops and table reservations when filtering by brand or service. Take-away orders in just 4 easy steps, available for your major brands.

fast payment

Practical and fast payment with EuroVIPS, promotions and payment gateway as 1 Click (through the tokenization process to protect the data of the credit card holder).


since its launch & 130.000 active users in average

#1 position

in iOS and Android stores, permanently for 5 months

15% purchase tickets

vs. the Club Vips total tickets used in the POS