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b2c mobile commerce apps.
loyalty program, contact-less

service, inclusion and use of technology to provide the end user with a new experience.

In the oil and energy market, Gulf is a company with a legacy of over 110 years of innovation.

Since 2016, Econocom Gigigo has been leading the digital transformation of our client Gulf, developing new business models that allow them to adapt to the new digital ecosystem.

Solutions that incorporate Loyalty and Promotool products, helping them innovate in the way they refuel and increasing the capacity to sell other products, allowing the sale of virtual products, such as prepaid cards for streaming services, prepaid phone credit and other payment services such as gas and water.

Currently Econocom Gigigo Mexico with the support of product experts in Econocom Gigigo Spain, is developing loyalty projects that will use elements of loyalty and digital marketing. A new phase with the redesign of its application and the integration of loyalty programs, achieving increased competitiveness in the market and opening great opportunities in new stages of innovation in the segment.

By the end of the year, the solution is planned to be operating in more than 1000 service stations in Mexico. 


The POS for the Gas Station Operators Accepts Debit and credit card payment Identifies when customers arrive at the station Makes cash audits Cash Collection


For Manager and corporate roles Which allows to create and manage gas stations Is multi-user Allows the registration and assignment of POS


The b2c APP, for the final consumer The user can automatically set up his invoicing Make payments User his Gulf Wallet