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changes the way young consumers interact, generating engagement​

the new strategy that transforms how a brand interact with consumers

Gigigo creates a specific and innovative strategy that transforms the way in which they interact in the medium and long term with a particular profile of consumers: Young people between 18 and 34 years old from Latin American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala , Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago.

the new
way of

Reder APP, the new way of communication
A Coca-Cola media outlet with the ability to customize content based on markets, brands, and country- and product-specific targeting

coca-cola digital product

interact with your packaging through image recognition

Execute any relational plan through temporary content within the app, publish any content in real time, provide full country independence for activations

conceived and developed to win

  • Contextualize landing pages for specific brands and products
  • Reaching consumers in different ways: Geofences, push notifications, etc.
  • Provide dynamic and interactive content by inserting YouTube videos into the app
  • Promote engagement with consumers through real-time promotions
  • + 25.000 participations

    the most demanded promotion platform

    + 2 min usage average

    creating exclusive interactive content has really been the key to keeping users within the app

    20 Latin American countries users

    Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Costa Rica are the main countries where people used Redder