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tools that improve and simplify the user experience

can you imagine being able to know the details of a service, just by asking for it?

Claro Colombia is a company that distributes cellular telephony, fixed telephony, television and Internet services. It was created as a result of the integration of Comunicación Celular S.A. and Telmex Colombia S.A.

The Claro Colombia Assistant is the first of a line of assistants that we will create together with América Móvil, which will join the brand’s ecosystem throughout Latin America

hi alexa, ask Claro what is my balance?

This and more is possible with Claro Colombia’s new assistant, a virtual assistant commanded by voice that allows users to know details of the services contracted with the brand, available in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

¿What is the balance of my bill?

With a simple question it is possible to know the balance of the services contracted in Claro Colombia, ranging from mobile lines, home internet, to entertainment with Claro Music, Claro Video and Claro TV.

hey google, ask Claro to pay my balance

Achieving this was a major challenge for the development team, as it involved synchronizing the client’s services through an Account Linking process that allows us to know who the client is and what services they have. 

All the above under rigorous security protocols to protect the user’s privacy and information.

the Deep Link method

Makes it possible to integrate voice interactions with functionalities in the Mi Claro app, expanding the assistant’s capabilities, taking the experience further with functions such as:

  •  paying credit
  • searching for service centers
  • and even configuring passwords and wifi networks